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COVID-19 Information


Social distancing will apply, and there will be limited facilities. Normal game dates apply.


  • There will be no gathering before game start.
  • The site shop is limited to 3 customers inside at once. Or, order online from Zero One or visit the showroom ahead of the game.
  • Hot food will be available as normal.
  • Please bring anything you need with you, as there will be no communal hot water and no clothing rental.
  • Drive separately, park apart, and maintain distancing at all times.

    If you have any signs or symptons of Coronavirus, please do NOT consider attending until you have been checked and cleared.

    airsoft. perfected.

    Welcome to the official website for Ground Zero Woodland - one of the UK’s most popular, open and diverse airsoft venues in the country.

    Ground Zero's woodland site is situated about a mile from the nearest road on the private grounds of Somerley Estate in Ringwood, Hampshire.

    We draw on our 12 years of experience as an airsoft site to bring you the best experience possible. With our helpful staff, experienced marshals and fantastic group of up to 280 players each game you will fit in straight away no matter what your age, gender, or previous experience - or lack of! Our players range from 12 to 65!

    We have ample car parking space situated directly in the safe zone that is flat and clean. You can return to your vehicle whenever you want to throughout the day.

    With bases and structures dotted throughout the 150 acres of diverse terrain, you will enjoy some of the most varied gaming you can get. Some players will move swiftly to the next objective, focusing only on the mission at hand, some will find vantage points and snipe at the enemy from afar hoping not to be seen!  Others may adopt a more gung-ho attitude towards the enemy in an effort to recreate his or her favourite movie scene. The point is, whatever your style of play, the games we run at Ground Zero will cater for your tastes; from the most objective fueled killing machine, to the casual one off player!

    If you have your own equipment then there is no need to call and book in – simply turn up and play. If you don’t have your own then there is no need to worry, as we offer a full rental service for guns including the latest in safety masks and 1000 bbs to get you started.  Combat clothing (jacket and trousers) can also be rented.

    Just click on the PRICES link at the top of the page to find out more.

    The National Airsoft Festival

    Please visit if you are interested in taking part in the largest annual airsoft game in Europe, held right here at GZ, when we transform the site into an airsoft spectacular!

    Saturday Games Now On

    We’re now running attack & defend style games on Saturdays. These run on the alternate weekends to our normal Sunday games. Click here for more info!

    School Holiday Games!

    School holidays - great for kids, awkward for parents... but now you can take advantage of Ground Zero by utilizing our mid-week games during the school holidays. Click here for more info!

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